My mom always says that if you want something to happen and it is meant to happen it will. Before I talk about my wonderful night at Aaron’s concert at 54 Below I must thank my friend Kerry! She is the reason why I can’t stop smiling! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Now for the last five years I have wanted to see Aaron perform live. I never got the chance to see him in Next to Normal because my dad thought it was “too depressing” and I couldn’t see Catch Me because “we didn’t have time”. So when I heard about this concert I was determined to go. I signed up for VIP and waited for the code but nothing came. I was so pissed when they sold out I literally cried. But I wasn’t giving up. 

I looked on Tumblr and found someone who had an extra tix. I asked my parents my mom said yes my dad said no. I was once again crushed. When I thinking it was all over and willing to just wait till the CD came out I got a message from Kerry. She went one night and asked the bouncer, Max, what the second line was for. Cancellation line. That was my way in!

So she asked me if I wanted to meet her up in NY and go. I asked again and this time I got a yes from both parents. It was a long shot but I was willing to do it. I took the bus up by myself and meet my friend and RAN LIKE HELL to get the 54 Below. There were people in front of us and they were so nice! I love meeting fellow fans. We waited and boned for THREE hours. We saw the Graceland cast and even had Aaron walk by us and NONE OF US NOTICED!! We now call him Ninja Aaron or the Flash. That boy is fast. 

When 11 came around I was sick to my stomach. I couldn’t even think. Then Max started to let people in. When he told me to come forward I lost it. TEARS came pouring out of my eyes. I got to my seat and I was so happy. I had a clear view of the stage. It was perfect. When Aaron came on I cried and I am convinced me made eye contact at least five times and that he pointed at me. I lost it at “Goodbye”. I wanted to see that performed live for so long and it finally happened. When it was over we got a picture with Manny from Graceland. He was a sweetie. Then we waited for Aaron. 

He came out and that is how I got the last picture. It was awesome. I wrote literally my whole story of how it took me five years, three tries and three hours to see Aaron and it was all worth it. I had the best time. If anyone was there and I met you please follow me! I will follow back I promise! I had an amazing night at 54 Below and I wish Aaron luck on his last show tonight. 

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